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Bootcamp 2019 Cohort

What are the Benefits of Supply Chain Bootcamp?

  • Learn from MIT experts in a face-to-face, classroom environment
  • Develop the personal and interpersonal skills to put your learning into action
  • Immerse yourself in cutting-edge supply chain technology
  • Challenge yourself with an intensive week of team activities
  • Grow your professional network
  • Take your career to the next level 
  • Network with fellow SCx learners
  • Explore MIT Campus

What is Bootcamp  

The MIT Supply Chain Bootcamp is an intense 5-day, on-campus immersion program happening on June 7 -11 2021, that builds on the concepts taught throughout of MicroMasters program. 

Participants use the tools and analytics learned online to make critical management decisions regarding the supply chain and the business in real-world scenarios. 

The Bootcamp exposes participants at many levels within the organization, to current and broad-ranging supply chain management challenges. Through simulations, projects, and case studies, "Campers" leave Bootcamp with a greater depth of knowledge and an extended network of professional contacts.

To apply for MIT Supply Chain Bootcamp students must complete SC1x as a verified learner.**

What to expect at Bootcamp  

Mornings: Engage in topical discussions with industry experts and MIT researchers.  

Lunchtime: Practice and cultivate communication, negotiation and other soft skills focused on personal development.  

Afternoons: Put your new knowledge and skills at work by solving supply chain challenges in group activities.  

Additionally, throughout the Bootcamp you and your team will participate in a supply chain simulation game. The four-person teams will be running a company, and every day you will have to make tough decisions in a complex changing environment with limited information. Just like the real world! This is a competitive game, and all teams will be competing for the final prize. 

Some topics we will explore:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization in Logistics
  • Machine Learning
  • E-commerce 
  • Omnichannel
  • Internet of things
  • S&OP Challenges
  • Sustainability
  • Procurement Strategies
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Freight Transportation Creativity
  • Negotiation
  • Personality Assesment
  • Multicultural Awareness
  • Fresh Connection Simulation Game

Application Deadlines & Enrollment Fees:  

Space is limited and your place at Bootcamp won't be confirmed until payment is received. 

Regular : $5500 MicroMasters Program Credential Holder: $4500 - (All 6 courses)

Bootcamp 2019 Agenda

Additional Info:  

The course fees cover the instruction and several meals per day. They do not cover lodging or travel. 

Additionally, we do not issue an I-20 for this conference-style workshop. Bootcamp is considered a conference offering by MIT and does not qualify for academic credit. We will issue a welcome email upon payment confirmation and a certificate of completion at the end. 

Event FAQ page.

2019 Interactive Workshops

Get a hands-on demo of the MIT CAVE lab, with Dr. Matthias Winkenbach. Learn to make supply chain decisions using visualization tools for analytics, forecasting and modeling.

Kevin Zeng Hu (kzh) from MIT Media Lab's Collective Learning Group will join us to discuss their research which focuses on how teams, organizations, cities, and nations learn.

Skills development session on creativity. Mr. Dieter Reuter from Cast Collective, walked the group through building supply chains of the future with legos!

What do previous participants have to say?

“I was excited to spend time at MIT. The online courses are really great, but it’s not the same kind of experience as coming to campus. It’s an intense week, but it’s one of the most amazing times I’ve had. The people I’ve met have such different and interesting perspectives.”

- Danielle Procter, Inventory Operations Manager, USA

"It has completely changed my mindset, and helped me find what I can strive for. Also a great opportunity for networking and inspired me to make changes in my job back home"

- Fernando González Gil, Transportation Manager, Mexico

"The bootcamp is a one of a kind experience! Although it is a very intense week every minute is worth it. It combines useful new cutting edge theory, real world experiences from top industry leaders and development of soft skills through simulations, games and projects."  

- Adriana Lembcke Strategic Procurement Projects Corporative Head - Peru 

“It’s one thing to do the online courses, but it’s another thing to come to MIT. It does feel like you’re drinking out of the firehose sometimes. It is intense. It’s been invaluable to my personal career. I’ll be able to bring so much knowledge back to my tribe at work.”

- Andrei Tadique, Product Manager, USA

"Being on campus is an extraordinary experience, an intense program full of knowledge and insights, a great opportunity to get inspiration from industry leaders. I feel honored to have shared this exciting week with such a talented group of bootcampers."  

- Sofia Chorques, Need Planner, Sweden

"One of the most amazing aspects has been the quality of people here at the camp.” “I was amazed by the level of knowledge of my fellow bootcamp participants.” 

- Fabian Lucas, Procurement Manager, Germany

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